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(Foto: Oliver Potratz)

(Spring 2018)

!!! A new Album with Kathrin and Robert will be released on Pirouet in June: Kathrin Pechlof Trio: Toward the Unknown

More news here!


(Summer 2016)



Every Hour of the Light and Dark

released July 1st on Pirouet Records


(Early 2016)

Some NEWS!

A new album with my Quartett with Achim Kaufmann, Henning Sieverts and Samuel Rohrer is about to be released on Pirouet Records in July 2016.

In the meantime listen to my first recording there: „Choral“ - released in 2004 with the great Antonio Palesano on piano and Daniel Schröteler on drums.

Since October last year I am teaching at Stuttgart Musikhochschule. I like doing that a lot. Take a look at the school´s website and see what´s going on! Feel free to contact me if you´re interested in studying there.

Thanks to first of all Robert Landfermann a great album came out last November on Pirouet Records. It´s one of my all time favourite projects: the Robert Landfermann Quintett with Robert on Bass, Sebastian Gille on tenor, Elias Stemeseder on drums, Jim Black on drums and me on alto. The album is called Night Will Fall“ And you can check it out here!

And last but not least: After a long time of support by these great mouthpiece building friends VanDoren in France I would like to thank them deeply for having shaped a piece of Kautschuk into something beautiful as the A55 Alto Mouthpiece. Thankyou! And now all saxophone-gear-enthusiasts go to their VanDorenTV!


(Summer 2015)

On Monday, 27th of July, 23.05 h, you can listen to the Kathrin Pechlof Trio with Kathrin, Robert and me live in Zoglau: The radioshow is called JAZZTIME“ - on BR Klassik.


(Autumn 2014)

IT`S SERIOUS SERIES AGAIN! Welcome to four nights of fantastic music at a great spot in September and October! Check out the line up and details at


(July 19th 2014)

Next Week: Three nights in a row at A-Trane/Berlin: Der rote Bereich in a new set up including Philipp Martin on electric bass. >concerts>>>>


(April 26th 2014)

Have a look at the Christian Weidner Quartett in this new


We are digging into new tunes.

With many thanks to the guys from!


(April 4th 2014)

These days I am very happy to work and play again with my quartet with Achim Kaufmann, Henning Sieverts and Samuel Rohrer. I wrote new tunes for the band and we are exploring them with heart and soul.

We make our way deeper in the „Dream Boogie“ world, where it is beautiful and subtle, while weird twists and turns are happening.

Join us and listen in Berlin and Munich in the beginning of April!


(April 11th 2014)

The Kathrin Pechlof Trio is invited to play at the Jazzahead in Bremen 25th of April 2014. See you there, music friends and business associates.


(September 2013)

The Kathrin Pechlof Trio has it´s first CD OUT NOW on the PIROUET record label: It´s called IMAGINARIUM“ and features the music of Kathrin Pechlof and me. It´s the first release of this wonderful new trio I am excited to be part of, together with Kathrin Pechlof playing harp and Robert Landfermann on bass. You can also find a trailer and a documentary about our recording session for PIROUET on YOUTUBE.

(Foto: Gerald Von Foris)


Kathrin Pechlof - Harp
Christian Weidner - Saxophone
Robert Landfermann –Bass


(August 2013)

Here is the latest Christian Weidner Quartett – CD:











Here is a clip from the Christian Weidner Quartett gig at the KLAENG FESTIVAL in Cologne (oct2012, with Moritz Baumgärtner on drums, subbing for Samuel Rohrer)


check out earlier releases on PIROUET:

"The Inward Song" (oct. 2010)

"The Inward Song is a superb set of sounds. Weidner is a musician with a very developed and finely focused artistic vision; an owner of a rare original voice who has come up with one of the finest offerings of the year."

(Dan McClenaghan on - 07. Dec. 2010)

and "Choral" (2004)

"... A tiny ridge between composition and improvisation, past and present, on which Weidner creates something big with small means: to combine life, music, belief and hope in a note."

(Reinhard Köchl - Jazzthing, Germany)












Stuttgart, BIX, HMDK Jazz Werkstatt Invites Vol 1.: ELIAS STEMESEDER - p


Stuttgart, Musikhochschule, LuSt Jazz Composers Ensemble


Luzern, Musikhochschule, LuSt Jazz Composers Ensemble


Berlin, KIM Jazzfestival, with Robert Landfermann Quintett with Sebastian Gille – ts, Elias Stemeseder – p, Robert Landfermann – b, Jim Black– dr, CW - as


Frankfurt, Alte Oper, with Kathrin Pechlof Trio feat. Biliana Voutchkova, Vincent Royer, Elisabeth Coudoux, Dieter Manderscheid with Kathrin Pechlof – harp/comp, CW – as/comp, Robert Landfermann – b, Biliana Voutchkova – vl, Vincent Royer – vla, Elisabteh Coudoux – vcello, Dieter Manderscheid - b


Riga, Duo „Dreed“ with Jonathan Delazer


Riga, Duo „Dreed“ with Jonathan Delazer


Riga, Duo „Dreed“ with Jonathan Delazer


Riga, Duo „Dreed“ with Jonathan Delazer


Berlin, Café Dujardin, with Weidner Lang Baumgärtner with Andreas Lang – b, Moritz Baumgärtner – dr, CW - as


Köln, Loft, Fo[u]r Alto with Frank Gratkowski, Benjamin Weidekamp, Florian Bergmann, CW – as


Berlin, Orania, with Weidner Lang Baumgärtner with Andreas Lang – b, Moritz Baumgärtner – dr, CW - as


Roseneck, with Kathrin Pechlof Trio with Kathrin Pechlof – harp/comp, Robert Landfermann – b, CW – as/comp


Berlin, Lohmühle, with Dejan Terzics Melanoia with Ronny Graupe – gut, Jozef Dumoulin – rhodes/p, Dejan Terzic – dr/comp, CW - as


Darmstadt, Stadtkirche, Duo with Karl Ivar Refseth - vib


Stuttgart, Jazztage, with Kathrin Pechlof Trio with Kathrin Pechlof – harp, Robert Landfermann – b, CW - as